Dead Can Dance, sanvean, 3'52'' (1994)

  • Dead Can Dance, sanvean, 3'52'' (1994)

Mixtape #1 Side B (total running time: 58:57)

Watercolour on cotton paper, framed, 20x30 cm

After a collection of love songs, Side B depicts the flip side: Heartbreak.

The selection of 15 songs came together by asking friends to share their favourite songs with the artist. For side A it was love songs, now: heartbreak.
And so the paintings here are images associated with the music of the following: Buzzcocks, Portishead, Echo & the Bunnymen, Joy Division, Savages and David Bowie to name a few.

Side B
Björk, sod off, 3'16'' (1997)
Carmen Maria Vega, le forbe, 2'52'' (2009)
Buzzcocks, ever fallen in love, 2'43'' (1978)
Amy Winehouse, tears dry on their own, 3'05'' (2009)
*Black Box Revelation, never alone, 4:48 (2008)
The Walkmen, the rat, 4'22'' (2004)
Echo & the Bunnymen, ocean rain, 5'10'' (1984)
Afterhours, voglio una pelle splendida, 3'43'' (1997)
Dead Can Dance, sanvean, 3'52'' (1994)
Timber Timbre, lonesome hunter, 4'44'' (2011)
*Portishead, machine gun, 4'45'' (2008)
*David Bowie, something in the air, 4'59'' (1999)
*Joy Division, atmosphere, 4'09'' (1980)
Monaco, what do want from me, 4'07'' (1997)
Savages, the answer, 3'32'' (2015)


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